I'm always searching for balance. In my work, I find it by blending or opposing color, pattern, scale, and texture. To that end, my signature technique—hand-painting, tearing, and assembling fabric pieces—is a laborious process of intuition, destruction, contemplation, resolve, refinement and acceptance.

My recent study of acrylic mediums has allowed my work to accommodate more volume and texture. As well, my use of color, both bright and neutrals, has also evolved and expanded.

I live and work in Manhattan Beach where my work is inspired by the beauty and the creative spirit of Southern California and is a constant reminder to push my artwork forward. My love for design and keen eye for how art can elevate interior spaces is a constant consideration in my work. 

I am a current member of the South Bay Artist Collective in Hermosa Beach where I find the varied perspective of other artists and art enthusiasts to be endlessly instructive.